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by toyota. an important message for toyota owners there has been a lot of people wondering about toyota recalls, get the facts and information at >>> all right. let's go out to the ronster. right now. >> reporter: good morning, don and marty. what a beautiful morning in baltimore. that is for sure. we are in front of one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, the fell's point recreation pier, it's almost 100 years old. of course changes are coming. interesting changes. a $45 million project that will bring a hotel here to one of baltimore's most popular neighborhoods. >> the fell's point recreation pier is one of baltimore's signature buildings. built in 1914, it once served as a community center. there were dances and basketball games. it's just been sold for $2 million. to local developer j joseph clark and h and s properties which built harbor east. a 132 room hotel is on the way. >> there will be a new hotel here on two levels inside, and the interior will be open to the sky. >> reporter: tourists stop here every day. the building doubled as a police station for th
." >> tom: toyota marches back, while ford and general motors share in the gains. here's a rundown of march's car and truck sales. toyota played comeback kid-- sales rose 41% on hefty incentives after the recalls. aggressive incentives also boosted sales at ford motor, up 40%. and at g.m., march sales were up 21%. the numbers are exaggerated by easy comparisons to last year, when the recession was in full swing. but chrysler is still struggling to gain traction-- sales there fell 8% last month. >> susie: auto dealers are still counting on a blockbuster spring selling season. consumers are back in showrooms, and it looks like they're ready to buy again. but as diane eastabrook reports, the economy is still the wild card. >> reporter: they're back. consumers flocked to dealer lots last month, thanks to warmer temperatures, a string of incentives, and optimism about the u.s. economy. tom bavone is seeing a complete change in customer attitude at his ford dealership. >> they talk about their jobs are doing well. they feel more secure in their jobs and they seem happier, you know. it's better th
in the northbound lanes. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota. please visit back over to you. >> sharon, thank you. >>> today is the official mail in your census form day. with less than 12 hours to go, some people are rushing to get them in, including president obama, who was seen here filling out his form this morning. andrea fujii explains why this is so important. >> the census only happens once every 10 years. and with that, the federal government divvies up money. >> reporter: census workers would like to say all of these people are mailing in their census forms. but so far, only 45% of baltimore residents have done so. >> oh. is this the last day? >> yeah. >> oh. i didn't know that. >> reporter: but luckily, ruby smith was already on her way to send hers in. about $400 billion is at stake for maryland, money that will go to fund public schools, senior centers, and public works projects. it will also determine maryland's seats in the house of representatives. >> reporter: baltimore firefighters are also urging people to send in their c
by all the big car companies rose dramatically, including toyota. chris bury tells us there's a clear explanation why. >> reporter: for all its recent troubles, e massive recall, the public relations fiascos the embarrassment of having executives hauled before congress, toyota enjoyed sizzling sales last month, up 41% over last year. the big reason? generous incentives that lured bacchus hers. >> it's clear there are a lot of loil toyota customers out there that were ready and willing to take advantage of the incentives. >> reporter: toyota fought its image battles with an aggressive advertising campaign. >> we want to believe we can always be better. >> reporter: but the biggest incentives in toyota history, nearly $2300 per vehicle, helped turn around two straight months of declining sales. and american car makers were on a shot streak, too. >> the finance rates are wonderful, and people are realizing that ford is the car. >> reporter: at ford, sales were nearly up 40%, gm, 22%. chrysler, still struggling, posted an 8% decline. american automakers offer generous incentives, too, but
>> couric: tonight, oh, what a feeling. toyota and the u.s. auto industry are back in the fast lane, and the advertising and broadcasting industries are hitchin' a ride. i'm katie couric. also tonight, a shiny new apple. we'll show you what the ipad can do. will it be the next must-have electronic ganlet? and a new kind of negative campaigning. candidates not only tar but avatar their opponents. >> i say, california, let me take you for a ride. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. it's been a long, windy, and bumpy road for the u.s. auto industry, but the ride is suddenly getting much smoother. carmakers rolled out their latest sales numbers today, and most are showing a big improvement. ford's sales were up 43% last month. toyota, despite the recall crisis, up 35%. and g.m. sales jumped 21%. but chrysler is still struggli struggling. sales there fell 8%. to win back customers, the carmakers spent more than $2700 per vehicle on incentives like low-interest financ
on the automakers today. especially toyota. >> the fastest growing airline is speeding things up. we will tell you how they are making things easier for you to get to your destinations faster. we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. >> it doesn't really matter what the traffic is like. >> there is nothing happening on the roads at the moment. we are looking at an easy start to your thursday morning commute. 61-mile-per-hour there on the northeast side. not bad on the west side. we're at 50-mile-per-hour. 59 toward baltimore national pike in the outer loop. problem free on the harrisburg expressway. we can check drive types as well. 11 minutes on the outer loop. about a five-minute ride from the area of 95 at the 895 split down towards fort mchenry. that's a new camera. nice to see that and nice to see especially that there are not delays there. now a live view of traffic at the we
about claims he doesn't live in baltimore. >>> next good news for toyota, how new discounts and incentives >>> toyota sales are soaring in the u.s. and crude oil prices are rising. robert gray reports. >>> still more firing than hiring. pay roll company adp saying the private sector dropped 23,000 jobs in march, a gain was expected. the government releases the big march jobs report on friday. >>> the dow dipping 50 points but stocks are hot. blue chips rising 5% and march 4% for the first quarter. good news for toyota reporting a 40% jump in sales this month compared to last year. discounts and incentives paying off. >>> boeing expecting financial hits from the financial cut. it's expected to take a cut to cover expected loss from the health insurance. >>> oil settling at a 17 month high, back above $83 a barrel after gaining more than a drar idollarin today's trading. president obama announces that he wants to open up big chunks of the east coast and gulf of mexico to offshore drilling. that is business, i'm robert gray. >>> coming up a legal battle between the father of a
saw a 21% jump in march. ford skyrocketed 40%. toyota rose as low interest and financing spikedales. chrysler dropped 8%. >>> here is a story about where you're goingto drive those cars. road construction projects are revving up across the northern virginia. the five megaprojects under way are the beltway hot line, the dulles corridor metro rail project, the interstate 95 widening project, the telegraph road interchange, and the fairfax parkway extension. each project will have day and night time lane closures and long term the tours. drivers can expect many delays during the summer. >>> the department of defense has unveiled a weapons system to protect soldiers and marin on the ground. the package consists of cameras and gps mapping of friends and foes. the inventors say what makes this system revolutionary is the input that the soldiers had in its design. the system can be installed on any track in about 15 minutes and requires very little training. >> a former press secretary to gerald ford has died. this is a picture of him from his time in the ford administration. he was press
a key driver here. toyota was offering big incentives. a toyota auto executive said his company sales rose by 40% in march. hyundai says it u.s. sales rose as much as 18% last month compared to the previous year. auto nation's ceo will join us in the next hour and we'll learn more about what he's learning in terms of car sales. >>> meanwhile, tim geithner says the u.s. economy is still in a tough spot, but slowly on the mend. he saw down with nbc's matt lauer. >> you'll start to see businesses across the country start to add to payroll again. that's going to come -- the economy is growing now. that's the first step. but with growth, more jobs will come. but the unemployment rate is still terribly high, and it's going to stay unacceptably high for a long period of time. it's going to take a long time to bring it down just because of the damage of the recession. >> in a meeting yesterday in pen ben, geithner read with steelmakers. next week, he leaves for a trip to india. >>> we want to get a check on the markets as we begin the second quarter. wow, futures are looking pretty good here
. toyota keeps plans bring customers back to the troubled automaker. they are expected to expire next week, but toyota says some lost ground. deep discounts help sales surged 40% in march. and a "usa today" report shows police are cracking down on speeding. officers who once looked the other way when drivers were five or 10 miles over the limit now to be pulling them over. studies from two different groups have found an increase in the number of traffic tickets written during a recession. what hobbies or small favors would you be willing to pay by dollars for? or what would you do for $5? the website lets people advertise services from the predictable like caricature drawings to the art like making up an alibi. all for a bargain price of five bucks. you have been serving the internet this morning, you may have come across a startling discovery google has changed its name. popular search engine is now called topeka. the website is going through a transition and had some branding issues this morning. google officials say it was just to give up a recognizable name. oh, by the way, t
are betting most companies will post gains. we've already heard from toyota at new york's auto show on wednesday, a top toyota executive said incentives pushed sales 40% higher in march. >>> amazon is bracing for the ipad. the online retailer has struck new e-book pricing deals with two major publishers just days before apple's launch of the new tablet computer. that's expected to take business away from amazon's kindle. the agreements will allow both publishers to set their own prices. apple has already made similar deals. >>> the home buyer tax credit which expires at the end of april sparked a huge rush in mortgage applications last week and industry reports says home loan applications rose nearly 7%. that's the largest number of applications since october 2009. >>> and this is census day. the government hopes you'll return the forms sent out over the past month or so, but be sure to be careful, there are scam artists sending out phony forms to try to steal your personal information. the official paperwork will never ask for your social security number, bank account information,
achievers better manage their cash flow. pnc. for the achiever in us all. >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >>> the wizards snapped their 16-game losing streak tonight and new orleans. washington beats and orleans, 96-91. the big easy, the wizards had the 12-point lead, but then had to hold on. the hornets through the press, the wizards went into a full panic, could not handle it, turning the ball over. the wizards' lead was cut to two. 94-91 washington, the great look from beyond the arc, bang. if he hits it, it is over. instead, the wizards finally win. >>> the redskins' preseason schedule has been released and it will play the buffalo bills and the baltimore ravens at fedex field, then the jets and cardinals on the road. >>> mike shanahan was in texas, watching " mccloy it worked out. scouts from virtually every team was there. he threw 55 passes, none of them hitting the ground. his only not is he is only 6 foot 1 inch. if the rams did not take sam bradford, the redskins will take him with the urth pick. >>> the nationa
at the west side, at wilkens avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota owners. there's a lot of people wondering. please visit back over to you. >> all right, sharon. even that traffic shot looks nice. >> don't mind being stuck in traffic. >> no, you don't. it's just a nice day. checking temperatures out in cumberland. 82 degrees in cumberland right now. in western maryland. if you want to go where it's warm. go over the mountain. go west young man. 72 degrees right now, bwi. east wind at 9 miles per hour. 30.03. and rising. the barometer reading. and the rest of your forecast coming up in a moment. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season, but it's melting fast. so hurry, act now to get fios tv, internet and phone at the super low price of $99.99 a month -- guaranteed for 2 years! call now and you'll also get a multi-room dvr and set top box -- free for six months. with 100% fiber optics straight to your home you'll get an amazing hd picture, america's top rated internet and phone. all for just $99.99 a month. enjoy
its four core brands, buick, gmc, chevrolet, and cadillac, were up 43%. even recall-plagued toyota saw a strong rebound in sales after it offered 0% financing. >> i need to get the customers back into the showrooms to kick the tires again, and nothing like putting some cash out to do that. >> reporter: detroit is coming off its worst year in a quarter century. fiewrg than 10.5 million vehicles were sold in this country last year, but analysts are now forecasting sales cowed bounce back to more than 12 million this year, if the promising trends continue. that would be a healthy number for the industry, but well below the 16 million sold in 2007. but analysts see a key economic indicator here, in the junk yard. for the first time on record, the number of vehicles americans are buying has fallen well below the numbers sent to the scrapheap. >> it's pretty rare. we've been tracking these numbers since 1948. and it's the first decline we've ever seen. >> reporter: that means fewer cars on the road. to automakers, that's a sign pent-up demand is building. and that's why they're forecasting a
, including toyota claims the increased costs will have to be absorbed by them. >> one of our edicts is to make sure that we stay inexpensive, or at least something our customers can afford. >> reporter: efficiency and economy. a concept bothar makers -- both car makers makers and car buyers are looking for. >>> and oil prices have been stuck in the $70 to $85 a barrel range for month. and those are expected to get higher as the summer gets closer. >>> it was a great day to get outside, all around maryland today. perfect time to break out the short sleeves in ellicott city. that's downtown ellicott city. and an equally beautiful city in downtown. wjz has your updated first warning weather. meteorologist tim williams joins us now in the weather center with the latest. >> the grass at paterson park looks to be like the grass vmplet people floating under this very, very warm air now. we're looking at temperatures around 70 degrees. coming down from a daytime high. we did get to a final of 73. we're at 70. 39% relative humidity. with a southeasterly wind at 9 miles per hour. at 30.03. an
: check it out. if you thought the negative news surrounding toyota would hurt the company, guess again, u.s. auto sales surged 40 percent in the month of march, powered by some of the deepest discounts ever in the wake of millions of recalls, a lot of financing for five years, free. toyota execs saying some of the incentives will continue, including what i mentioned, zero percent financing, and an offer of free maintenance for return toyota customers. the buy-in is good, huh? martha: wasn't expecting that, right? >>> one of the big questions on the peoples' minds, is the economy, is it getting better really? here's what we know, 439,000 new jobless claims this week, that's the number we follow every week, that one dropped by 6000. that's a good thing, it's been dropping in fact for several weeks by small increments. but the question today, how does this set us up for a very big number the white house is going to watch closely, wall street is going to watch closely, the all-important jobs report. meanwhile, overall, 11.1 million people have filed unemployment claims in this country. that i
that is not such good news is we're in the middle of a war right now. toyota set off the war a month ago because they had to get their numbers back. now everybody had to pile in and the big question here is whether they're pulling ahead sales that won't be there too month from now or getting loyal buyers to come in and spend some money. >> what do you make of that alex merkel? they may be pulling buyers forward and selling the deal, not the car. >> there's probably some buyers that are being pulled forward but at this time last year incentives like these would have fallen on deaf ears. what we're seeing right now and what i believe is we're seeing a turn in the auto industry that is sustainable. we'll see job numbers and we're going to see, we have stabilization in the labor markets and the job numbers are going to look really good tomorrow and as we see stabilization in the labor markets, that is the inflection point. that is where the auto sales start to make their turn. ford has not jumped into the incentive band wagon and still had a 34% increase in sales. so, very good numbers. >> in north
% and toyota was up nearly 35%. >> years my name, here's my number, i want a toyota and i'm going to come in and buy one. that is exactly what happened. >> the challenge will be keeping the sales up for the long haul. according to usa today, police who may have once looked the other way at drivers going five- to-10 over the speed limit appeared to be cracking down and it could be related to the economy. speeding tickets are a source of revenue. research has shown an increase in the number of speeding tickets during recessions. and there is no tolerance among state troopers. so, watch out. >> you did know it was april fool's day today, right? -- april fullsools' day today, right? the university of johns hopkins has announced that there will no longer be an "s" in john. we promise, the university doctored these photos. the good name remains. >> that is pretty funny. still to come, the obama administration looks to help students who want to go to college. coming up, what changes to the financial aid program could mean for local students. >> the phantom of the opera is a massive undertaking.
out. people were willing to overlook a lot of the problems at toyota. instead, they wanted a bargain. because of the toyota deals their sales were up 41%. ford wasn't far behind, up a strong 40%. gm gained 21% over last year. chrysler, however, still struggling, finishing the month down 8% overall. >>> we switch gears to the remains of that massive rain storm that hit the east coast this week. president obama made a surprise drop-in visit today to a massachusetts emergency response center in framingham, mass, where they've been dealing with flooding and trying to help the many people who lost so much throughout new england. big parts of southern new england are struggling with flood levels that haven't been seen in over 100 years. julie martin from the weather channel with us again tonight from rhode island. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the rivers are receding, but the worries are rising tonight in rhode island. we are still dealing with contaminated water, closed roadways and now compromised structures. this is the laurel avenue bridge in coventry. officials tell
. toyota brake troubles, aggressive incentives helped drive consumers to show rooms. and price wars between general motors andoyota paid off. g.m.'s core brand, buick, cadillac, chevy, gmc, saw nearly a 38% increase in sales. toyota sales jumped 35%. the company is speeding to rebuild trust and confidence following a massive recall for gas, pedal and brake problems and rolled out strong incentives to win customers. >> consumers are very smart, savvy. listen, circumstances are such. here is my maim and number. i want a toyota and willome in and buy it. when they announced the program, come on in. that's exactly what happened. >> reporter: ford sales increased nearly 35%. but the company did not compete in the incentives war. instead ford decreed the boost to strong demand for fusion and taurus brands. >> ford continues to be red hot. ford accrued a goodwill momentum by not going bruptd and american consumer or brand that normally would have taken billions of decades to build up. >> reporter: all positive signals that the struggling auto industry bogged down a year ago by flat-line sales and
if they cost more? it worked with cigarettes. toyota has done a lot of research and a lot of work, and we've been open 24 hours a day -- 7 days a week. and we've made a tremendous amount of progress. you know, safety and reliability is top priority. i mean i got a family, too. i got a mother, a grandmother, kids, and we all drive in these cars. i am 100% confident in the product. [ male announcer ] we're grateful to technicians like ronny who are helping us provide you with safe and reliable vehicles. for more information, please visit where's my car? where's my car?!!!! where are you?! arghhh... (announcer) dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles give you outrageous comfort, all-day-guaranteed. woah. it's not too far... (announcer) are you gellin'? dr. scholl's. [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced ch
buried the lead, because there's big news about toyota. >> the toyota news, this is an estimate. it's estimated that their sales went up 37 percent year over year. megyn: how can that be? >> i think that's a great question. you know, they had all these impairments, right? bad publicity, having to recall cars. guess what, toyota customers are loyal, what's more, they're getting a lot of incentive money to buy. there have been fantastic deals in the marketplace consumers turn on to, whether it's zero percent financing, money back offers, you name it, it's out there. as one analyst put it to they, maybe it's not the best deal in the world but the consumers hear it and they think it is so they make buying decisions anyway. megyn: well, that's good news for toyota at least, gerry willis, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. megyn: new reaction coming in from conservative author karl rove, fox news contributor, about the run-in with the ladies in pink. you may have seen the confrontation at a rove book signing in california, hecklers from the left wing antiwar group code pink was armed wi
into april lot more details coming out on monday it so in the meantime it looks like toyota is up to him and a good job of gaining back to customer loyalty angie. and it's april 1st which means it's an april fool's day and on the start of a new quarter last quarter brought a 6% gain to the nasdaq not too shabby by the way resurging motion comes up with a close and a real good goes blackberries are really selling. and they sure are angie also the energy sector is in focus traders are not watching to see if logos up above the $84 a barrel. if it does it could spark a big rally out and some off shore oil drilling stocks are also and focus this week seemed big gains will take a closer look coming up. george tkaczuk / rmb group could friday's jobs report be weak.. after adp employment report? i'm not and we have george tkaczuk of the rmb group george do you think that we can really still see gains in the job market as far as job creation coming up on friday even though the employment report was so weak? good morning beejal yeah we still think we're still looking at a really good number friday
of america, toyota, verizon and wal-mart. but there can only be one winner. >> all the companies in our bracket were submitted and voted on by consumerist readers. people are going off about their dealings with them. >> they'll crown a winner april 26th. go to >>> let's fill out our own bracket with this weather. beautiful weather coming up. good morning, justin. >> this is exactly what we need. check out these temperatures. massive flooding continuing across the northeast. this one from connecticut. that pizza may be soggy. flooding waters gushing everywhere. some people had to be pulled from their cars. many of those absolutely destroyed and submerged. the problems continue uh, with this uh, record flooding throughout the state of connecticut and rhode island, up toward massachusetts. water will continue to drain out over towards the atlantic and long island sound over the next couple days. dry weather is exactly what you need when you see that picture. almanac in baltimore, back here on april 1st with a typical 38 degree morning low. 60 degrees for the afternoon high
, toyota, veer verizon and walmart. >> all the companies were submit and voted by readers. people are just going off on these company and dealings with them. >>> lindsay davis has the report on the full extent of the devastation of the eastern seaboard. >> reporter: after three days of trend, rain this couple sought refuge from the floods with a 21st century ark. alex managed to weather the storm inside his home but his basement is filled with water. >> the water poured in for the last two or three days. as the serious situation. >> reporter: the shopping mall in the ocean state is now an island surrounded by a lake that used to be the parking lot. a security guard was the last person there. he was taken away by raft. the rivers have crested but water is still everywhere. >> yesterday was probably around three feet deep. it has gone up six feet. >> there are fish in my basement right now. fish! >> reporter: in new hampshire this 16-year-old boy was rescued from a tree. he was swept off his bike on a flooded road. >> people need to understand this is not going away today. >> reporter: amtra
the winter blues. toyota, ford, honda and gm all reported huge gains over this time last year. ford and toyota reported gains over 40% whilegm and honda reported sales increases of 20%. chrysler was the one big automaker to report bad news as sales falling about 8%. j.d. power and associates estimates that overall vehicle sales in the u.s. rose 23% in march. >>> ahead on "news4 at 4:00," need information online? topeka it. >> we will tell you why google decided to change its name. >>> more than obvious chemicals in pesty tides around your house that could poison your pet. >> don't forget about twitter and facebook. we are always posting updates and breaking news. you can find us on both sites by searching "news4 at 4:00." >>> if you have been on google today, you may have noticed that the popular search engine changed its name to topeka, as in topeka, kansas. officials at google, now to pea can a, say it was difficult to give up the hugely recognizable google brand but popular search engine is transitioning to this new name. if you are falling for this, you forget this is april fool
. down 8% compared to march of '09, with us, gerri willis. >> for toyota it was terrible. can you imagine worse headlines? they came back with incentives. if you bought a toyota you might get cash back or zero percent financing. you will see it show up in the earnings numbers. >> shepard: why are ford and gm up so much? >> they played the incentive games but ford extended product line and they have a lot of cars. you knew them for trucks. the ford f150 but taurus, fiesta, fusion, they have new versions and people are responding. mileage is up too. 40mpg. >> shepard: on what? >> on the taurus and the fiesta. >> shepard: that's a high number. >> big numbers and people are responding. >> shepard: what's wrong with chrysler? >> they didn't do incentives. >> shepard: are they in trouble? >> they have been for a long time. >> shepard: real trouble? >> they've lagged and they've gotten smaller. you wouldn't recognize them at all. they have had a hard time with the incentive game. >> shepard: i never heard about mercedes and bmw. they're working on a different crowd? >> everybody was up across th
auto sales numbers which are due out later today. toyota is saying it is coming around. any predicts on that? >> yeah, in fact, they were on the fox business network yesterday from the new york auto show and talking up about 40% gains. that is what analysts are expecting. they did use record high incentives. toyota usually known for not using incentives to lure customers back into the show rooms after the recalls with the sticky and faulty accelerator pedals. also, ford looking for a big month. better than 50% gain versus a year ago. general motors looking for a pick-up. chrysler still struggling. analysts are looking for a drop of about 7% compared to the march sales of 2009. >> we'll look for those numbers later and we'll chat again tomorrow. >>> arrests are made in one of the most violent crimes on the streets of d.c. in years. sarah similar monday is live in southeast with our big story. >> families are frustrated, angry and sad after four people are shot and killed on a street crner. coming up what authorities say sparked it all wh
to 11,000. >>> and the tale of two automakers. toyota and ford are both expected to post monthly sales profits. and whether you're waiting for a shipment or waiting online, the ipad frenzy is under way. we'll check all the hype, next on cnbc. ♪ as you can see, this isn't your typical midwestern farm. the reason lies six thousand miles away... in japan, where a producer of specialty eggs needed corn for feed... grown to precise standards. cargill identified the producer's needs, then introduced an illinois farmer to grow the exact corn needed... and developed a system to ship it separately, connecting the farmer with a japanese customer... who was very appreciative. this is how cargill works with customers. most people try to get rid of algae, and we're trying to grow it. the algae are very beautiful. they come in blue or red, golden, green. algae could be converted into biofuels... that we could someday run our cars on. in using algae to form biofuels, we're not competing with the food supply. and they absorb co2, so they help solve the greenhouse problem, as well. we're making a big
. tomorrow -- five weeks. tomorrow will see the key march employment numbers come out, and toyota sales are booming in japan, up 50% last month. ford sales in china and local partners there, they jumped about 84% in the first quarter. let's get to eric bolling from fbn. what's going on here? >> well, initial claims which is the weekly number, they dropped 6,000 so that means 6,000 fewer people than the last week applied for unemployment insurance. that's the good news. a little bit more good news, tomorrow it looks like most analysts and most economists expect jobs to be created for the month of march. that's only the second time a month had job creation and last time was a year ago march, 64,000 jobs were created, and we've seen just month after month of job losses. so tomorrow the expectation is anywhere between 175,000 jobs created and 200,000 jobs created. the other piece of good news. now a little bit of the bad news, a lot of that job creation tomorrow ising with attributed -- being attributed to two major factors. number one, the census. the census has hired hundreds and hundreds
out, please turn out the lights. toyota is closing the only auto assembly plant in california. the plant was a joint venture between general motors and toyota. gm announced last year it is withdrawing from the partnership. the closure leaves 4700 workers out of work. toyota's california plant relied on a state-wide network of suppliers. many of their workers also facing a new existence today. one of those suppliers is injex, award winning plastics company. >> right now i am putting together the termination packets for non-union employees. i put my label on my own termination packet. i think among the employees that have been here for years and years, and this has been the only job some of them have ever had. so them not working now, how are they going to support their families. >> general motors has just released its sales figures for march. they're up by 21% over the same month a year ago. the carmaker credits a strong demand for redesigned vehicles. it is also likely attractive incentives lure buyers back to the showrooms. >>> we know scott roader is going to pri or but for
you. for all of toyota's problems the reports of sudden acceleration, the recalls of millions of vehicles. tonight, a brighter spot for the japanese automaker. it reports u.s. sales sored last month in response to some unprecedented discounts to try to win back its customers. gerri willis from the fox business network is live with us to take us through the numbers. >> let's start with toyota. that's how were talking about up 41% in terms of march sales mostly because of big-time incentives they gave despite headlines, despite the recalls. ford, too, doing really well here, up 40% in sales. ford could claim that it has some new brands that they are repromoting, in cars, rather than trucks. big change there g.m., up 21%. but if you back out the old lines that they are getting rid of, pontiac and saturn, they were up 43%. really good month for them. but chrysler, the one outlier here down 8%. having a hard time keeping up with all this money being thrown at consumers. they are really having more of a struggle than any other automaker. >> shepard: obviously the bigger the discount
. the nasdaq gave back 12 3/4. >>> a top toyota executive says u.s. sales have surged 40% this month. thanks to heavy discounts in the wake of massive recalls. toyota has been offering 0% financing, low priced leasing, and free maintenance. the auto maker has recalled 8 million vehicles because of acceleration and breaking problems. >>> well, he spent 30 years serving his country. now there are questions about whether a state department employee was serving comone else, too -- serving someone else, too. new york responds to the russian subway bombings. mike mullen said establishing control of kandahar is the key to stopping taliban growing influence. the pakistani army says its soldiers repulsed in attack on check poi point close to afghan border. six soldiers and 25 militants were killed. swiss authorities say they cannot reopen money laundering case against pakistan's president because he has immunity. they revoked blanket amnesty covering thousands of other people from corruption charges. there was another twin suicide bombing in russia today. 12 people were killed in dogastan province an
last year. toyota, honda and gm reported gains. ford sales up 43%. toyota was behind with 41% sales increase. honda and gm both reported increases of just over 20%. chrysler was the one dim spot with sales falling about 8%. >> active volcano in southern iceland is getting bigger and the images more spectacular. new brake is about 300 yards long and it opened up yesterday. producing new fountains of hot lava. geologist space it is not proving a threat prove ing a it is something to see. >> really incredible. beautiful. >> especially at nighttime. quite beautiful. >> i told you new york made both the lists. they didn't. they were the ones that paid proportionately less than the other states. >> okay. punishment is you have to fill out your census form. meanwhile, veronica will do the weather while do you that. >> you can probably get it done, barbara in three minutes. don't worry about it. >>> one of my favorite times of the year. i don't know about you but spring -- so nice out there today. with low humidity and the morning temperatures across the area, there is our gorgeous shot. to
. >>> coming up. oh, what a feeling. toyota. really. the automaker last month beat expectations. how did they do that? >> what expectations? >> they were very low. classic lesson. lower expectations. >>> and up next , democrats and republicans locked in a battle over who's getting the biggest bounce with numbers. health care numbers. >>> move over, scott brown. there's another scott sneaking into your spotlight. >>> triangulation. 1990s era vintage washingtonspeak. the phrase was coined by dick morris during clinton's re-election campaign. >> it is now an obsession of the president. every time -- he never says the word but he always says, "some say you have to do this" and some say on the right. like yesterday with oil drilling. he loves to use triangulation but he would never admit he uses the word. washington do, not washington speak. >> okay. >> fair enough. >> we'll be right back. i didn't get that. [ bottle two ] can we even clean a leather shoe? what do you mean? what is a shooee? he's cleaning things that we don't even know what they are. [ male announcer ] effortlessly removes mo
-degree murder for shooting the doctor. >> in this morning's consumer alert, toyota is keeping some of its popular incentive plans like interest-free leasing that were due to expire next week are having some success. last month their sales surged by 40%. now an executive says some of the programs will stick around. well, online auction house ebay is making changes to attract more customers. they have decided to rename its classified. there is a new design and stronger filters for fraud and they are also working to make it easier for mobile phone users, introducing two in i-phone apps. the maker of the blackberry device may take a hit in trading today. jane king has that story and more in the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. it seems that almost everybody out there has a smart phone device or a detroit or an iphone. it is that stiff competition that is taking its toll on research in motion. the maker of blackberry. it reported fourth quarter stheals missed analyst' estimates. the company hopes to boost overseas sales to make up for the loss in north america. apple will be selling
, toyota's looking for a big pop in march sales, up as much as 35%. we'll see how it did and get the outlook for the rest of the auto industry. jet blue and american airlines are teaming up to make air travel easier. the carriers have a new partnership that lets jet blue passengers connect to american's international flights on one ticket. starting next quarter, american will sell some jet blue tickets on its website. eventually, jet blue will sell american tickets, as well. the airlines also swapped some landing slots at airports in washington, new york, and boston. >> tom: if your employer suspended matching contributions to its 401(k) plan during the recession, you may be in for some good news. new numbers show almost half the firms that stopped matching have either started again, or plan to do so within a year. fidelity investments tracks the figures, because it administers 17,000 401(k) plans. it says the larger the company, the more likely it is the match is already back, or in the works to come back. >> susie: in the money file tonight, there's no such thing as a free lunc
numbers today. analysts betting most companies will post gains. we heard from toyota at new york's auto show. a top executive said incentives pushed sales 40% higher in march. >>> amazon bracing for the ipad. the retailers struck new e book pricing deals with two major publish is days before apple's launch of the new tablet computer expected to take business away from kindle. dema apple already made similar deals. home buyer tax credit expires at the end of april sparked a rush in mortgage applications last week. industry reports says home loan applications rose 7%. largest number of applications since october 2009. and this is census day the government hopes you will return the forms. there are scam artists sending out fony forms to try to steal your personal information. the paper work will never ask for your social security number, bank account information or signature. if you think you are scammed contact your bank credit bureaus and local authorities. everybody could be a scam. you have to be careful. >>> just ahead on the morning news f
toyota in the showroom. >>> and at the bottom of the hour, rand paul, son of republican congressman ron paul, he's running for u.s. senate in kentucky. he's also a doctor. he'll tell us why he rejects obama care. first, todd santos with a check of the weather. >> hello there, mika. good morning, guys. looks like a much better morning across the east coast, especially the northeast where the last few days we've been talking about the flooding, which is still ongoing. many rivers still, again, well out of their banks, especially the patuxet river in rhode island. at least this morning looking at cool temperatures giving way to clear skies in and around the new york city area. a few thin clouds heading for sunshine this afternoon. a pretty nice picture. d.c. making a run at the 8 80-degree mark. this afternoon, beautiful all the way down to central and southern florida. we'll be back with more. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by star bucks. ♪ [ male announcer ] the cadillac laurel sales event. featuring the all-new srx. ♪ with available glide-up navigation. and ultraview sunroof.
is brought by toyota, an important message for toyota owners a lot of people wondering about the recall to get the facts and latest information. back to you. >> in the news the day to mail back the census form. officials say a lot of people have yet to do so. we're on the story. >> so far only 45 % have sent back the forms. today is the official mail in the form day and for the marylanders who don't a census worker may come to their door to have you fill it out in person. the census helps butte $400 billion in funding for hospitals, schools, senior centers, public works ' projects and emergency services. the bureau board should be fraudulent of cautious census workers. workers won't ask for your social security number or contact you online. back to you. >> more information on the fire in southwest baltimore. look at video. investigators say the fire broke out in the 1100 block of west cross street right near stewart. everyone inside was able to escape. the fire started they say on the second floor but the exact cause is still under investigation. this morning, spring training report, th
and general motors for march. 40% gain for ford. 21% for g.m. toyota sales surged, too, by whopping 41%. glenn beck returns in a moment and judge napolitano, but first, chris wallace previews special report. >> coming up, we look at what republicans need to do to regain control of congress. and why the catholic church is striking back at the "new york times." join me at 6:00 eastern for "special report." ♪ ♪ >>> the $1 trillion gap in retiree benefits in this country, according to the pew center on the states. and since state and local governments will be footing the bill for the shortfall, it works out to more than $8800 for every american household. now cities like memphis, toledo and los angeles trying to pinch pennies leaning on the unions. have unions priced themselves out of a job in ask mark mix, president of the national right to work committee and charles payne ceo of wall street strategies and my colleague, contributor on the fox business network. charles, to you first. what is the problem? what is happening? what have governments just recognized about unions and their benefits a
] kinda makes your heart race, huh? honda accord and toyota camry stand behind their powertrain for up to 60,000 miles. chevy malibu stands behind theirs for up to 100,000 miles. which makes it pretty clear whose standing out front. a consumers digest "best buy" two years running. chevy malibu. compare it to anyone and may the best car win. now, qualified lessees get a low mileage lease on this 2010 malibu ls for around $199 a month. call for details. see your local chevy dealer. announcer: there's an easier way. create your own business site with intuit websites. just choose a style, then customize, publish and get found. sweet. get a 30-day free trial at >>> seventh anniversary edition's worsts ahead. marco rubio, the nomination for the senate for florida is yet to be mistaken for the bright young lights of republican politics. he gave a speech which he endorsed offshore drilling, condemned amnesty for immigrants and according to the palm beach post, he said, with a thought that originated on the glenn beck show. he didn't start weeping or speaking in tongues. there are m
higher. >>> incentive war led by toyota helping increasing sales. we'll fill you in on the numbers. >>> let's look at how the market finished for a week. prime merica went public. they're ringing the closing bell. they certainly did create a lot of spark of excitement down here. accelerating at the close. no down we saw money moving into the market in the afternoon hours. it was stronger at the open, gave up much of the games. 10,927 last trade on the blue chip average. nasdaq was also high ir, fractional move there. >> a little more volatility we've. that's a good thing, up as much as -- and let's look at the positive points here today in the first trading day of the zk. pricing their ipo, and
, toyota, despite mno tiple pe to ced bct recall and reams of bad publicity, the auto maker lothat.ed sales gnighns of sev%. the big question, can car companies keep consumers coming in? >> it will be concermer eet it will be people getting back to work. job creation. eet weater economy. it's a new product as well. the ne to pe to ced bct excite plowple. vehicles have never been older than they are. people have to make a ickecision, at some poin. y do i rallonighr my vehicle or buy a new vehicle? >> regardless, this month nexu5ers may indicate a more confident consumer and that could be good news for the eet e pn ne to yoarl,to kerry fox news. >> chris: construction spending fell by 1.3% in he pebruary v thabis the lowest level since november of 2002. but the manxtacturering sector expanded in march at the strongest pace since july of 2004. stosince the dow gnighned 70.5. the s&p 500 finished ahead 8 2/3. nasdaq was up 4 2/din later in the t brow, correspondent ashvid lee miller looks at how one southern city is dealing with the recession. the rallowellican party may have some money woes,
vehicles. automakers are out with sales figures todaym one recall plagued toyota. executive speak act the auto show says sales rose 40% in march. they were providing deepest discounts ever to cope with the fallout from millions of recalls going back too last fall. do you think or savvy saver when you clip coupons? they only save you money if you buy the items anyway. buying because there is a coupon is just buying something extra. most are for brand named items compare against store brands. go to coupon and coupon ask if your favorite store offers double coupon days. many do but don't advertise it. >>> man with a familiar last name is making a run for congress. plus a fix is in place on one roof in the dc after the yellow center line were anything but centered or straight. >>> your traffic forecast straight up. 212 closed. >>> man who admitted shooting a doctor who provided late term abortions will learn his punishment. a judge will sentence him for the murder of dr. tiller. >>> detention hearings for members of a christian militia group in detroit. the
know. it's the volkswagen polo, so who it beat or what it beat is the toyota prius, the mercedes e class and winner for world performance car, so that's probably performance car, it's the audi rv-10. that's probably if you were on a racetrack or really into feeling not necessarily the value. best green car, volkswagen's passat and the polo. i'll try to get more on exactly what they're looking for there. >>> you probably know if you go to a drive-through, you can get a big mac, a coffee, you can get a beer if you're so inclined. what about driving up to a walmart and getting a coffee pot or power tools. some big-name retailers are trying out drive-throughs because they tried it in things like the brew through in north carolina. let me tell you, that had robin giggling this morning. pictures like that. but now there are stores like sears and walmart that are testing out the idea. that's in this morning's "chicago tribune" and that's because they're trying to make it easy on you so if you want to pull up and order your vacuum, maybe you don't want to go in the store and look at all of
. there were hefty incentives toyota used to bring buyers back to show rooms following the embarrassing global recall. only chrysler is forecast to report a sales decline. those numbers trickling in throughout this afternoon. >>> and ceo pay actually fell last year. only the third time that's ppened since 1989. a new report shows pay for top executives at 200 major u.s. companies averaged $6.95 million. that combines salaries, bonuses, long-term incentives and stock options. many companies have slashed ceo bonuses to tie the pay more closely to performance. back to you, rbara. >> okay. thank you. have a great day. >> thank you. you, too. >>> in today's "wednesday's child," we meet a lovely teenager who has been through a lot in her life. she escaped death in a far-off country, made it to this country, and feels if her luck holds out she'll one day soon have a permanent, loving, adoptive family. >> she came to visit us at news 4 the other day. hi. >> hi. >> i'm barbara. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> you're interested in tv. is that right? >> yes. >> inside the control room, we got a close-u
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